About Us

    ControlPoint Surveying, Inc. was established in May 1984 and is a recognized leader in topographic, hydrographic and cadastral surveying in the State of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. The firm name is synonymous with a reputation of quality work, timely response and a professional commitment to complete the work beyond the clients’ expectations. On staff we have nine (9) Licensed Professional Land Surveyors – eight (8) of whom are registered with the Land Court, in Hawaii working for Federal, State, Municipal governments and the private industry in Hawaii, Pacific Rim, and at various PACNAVFACENGCOM areas, including Guam, Coronado Island in California, Diego Garcia, Japan, Johnston Atoll, Korea, Kwajalein, Midway Island, Palau, Pohnpei, and Wake Island.


    Ed Yeh

    Alden Kajioka
    Sr. Project Surveyor

    Willie Chin
    Sr. Project Surveyor

    Kevin Yeh
    Assistant VP